About EnerGnostics

John Hopper

In the energy business, as in any business, knowledge and experience are critical components for a successful outcome. John M. Hopper, founder and managing director of consultancy EnerGnostics, LLC, has over 38 years of experience in the midstream and upstream energy sectors as a successful entrepreneur, CEO, senior corporate officer, corporate general counsel and large law firm practicing attorney. Mr. Hopper’s depth of industry knowledge and experience includes, through companies founded or co-founded by Mr. Hopper, the development, operation and equity and debt financing of over $1 billion of multi-cycle underground gas storage projects and associated midstream facilities, including gas pipelines, cryogenic processing plants and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) facilities; energy trading & marketing; risk management and energy asset management & optimization; business development; and rail logistics and rail terminal project pre-development. Prior to his entrepreneurial career, Mr. Hopper also held senior management positions with a publicly-traded midstream company; was engaged in an energy-focused legal practice with a large Houston-based law firm; pursued oil & gas exploration prospect generation and acquisition of oil & gas royalty and mineral interests for a small Houston-based E&P company; and worked as a tax & cost accountant for a large independent E&P company. Through EnerGnostics, Mr. Hopper brings his multi-faceted experience to bear on behalf of industry clients, providing due diligence; project management, development and operations expertise; commercial strategy and planning; risk management knowledge; contract review, land use and regulatory experience; litigation support and expert testimony; and critical insight across the energy value chain.

There is an old proverb that says: “May you live in interesting times”. Certainly we are living in interesting times in the energy business today. For the well-prepared, significant challenges and opportunities will almost certainly present themselves in the energy industry over the next several years. Whether you are a private equity or bank debt funding source, a management team funded by private equity or bank debt, or an existing publicly-traded or privately-held energy company, EnerGnostics can help you with assessing, reviewing and evaluating asset acquisition, project development or expansions, asset divestment or joint venture opportunities, as well as assist in litigation support and expert testimony. Through our contacts in the energy industry, we can assemble an experienced team of subject matter experts across multiple energy disciplines to carefully and expeditiously evaluate specific challenges and opportunities in the engineering, design, development, acquisition and operation of energy assets as well as assess associated risk management, strategic, commercial, land, regulatory, contract and litigation issues. We would be pleased to discuss our capabilities with you and your team.