Over the course of nearly 40 years in the energy industry, Mr. Hopper has been involved in many energy development projects as either a principal or as a senior officer of the company serving as the project sponsor/developer. The projects listed below – which represent well over $2 billion worth of midstream energy facilities – represent some of the major projects that Mr. Hopper has helped bring to fruition or is in the process of incubating for further development.

Nexus Gas distribution

Nexus Energy Logistics

Nexus Energy Logistics is a privately-owned limited liability company formed for the purpose of developing and operating rail loading and off-loading facilities for the crude oil exploration & production and mining & extraction industries operating in the Eastern Great Basin areas of Utah and Nevada. 

Nexus Energy Logistics Website

Phoenix Gas Consultants

Phoenix Energy, LLC

Phoenix Energy, LLC was formed to pursue underground gas storage development opportunities globally, with a focus on projects outside of the United States, particularly in Latin America.  Phoenix Energy has engaged in the assessment and pursuit of underground gas storage development and optimization opportunities on a global basis, both as a principal and as a consultant.

Phoenix Energy LLC Website

Peregrine Midstream

Peregrine Midstream Partners

Peregrine Midstream Partners LLC and its principals are recognized leaders in natural gas storage and storage-related midstream asset acquisition and development. They create value for customers and investors through rigorous analysis of opportunities, timely decision-making and deliberate execution.

Peregrine Midstream Partners Website

Nortex Gas

NorTex Midstream Partners, LLC

NorTex is an independently owned Houston based midstream solutions provider. They currently own and operate high-deliverability, multi-cycle (HDMC) natural gas storage facilities in strategically-located areas.

NorTex Midstream Partners Website

Moss Bluff Energy

Market Hub Partners – Moss Bluff

Located in Liberty County, Texas, the Moss Bluff salt cavern storage facility provides natural gas producers and shippers with approximately 21.7 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of working capacity. Moss Bluff offers the flexibility of six interconnections with five major pipelines to reach a variety of markets.

Market Hub Partners – Moss Bluff Website